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General English A1

ISBN 978-80-86730-85-1


This book is intended to be a preparation course for the A1 exam of general English at University of Economics and Management (VŠEM).

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87 ks

800,00 Kč


Autor Koudelková Simona , Fischerová Martina
Rok vydání 2012

Více informací

It contains plenty of exercises and other activities mainly for practising English grammar. In the same time, you will acquire a wide range of essential general English vocabulary. The introductory texts and other parts of each chapter enable you to acquire and further develop your reading and writing skills. Other activities are more interactive and will make it possible for the students to practice listening and speaking.
The textbook contains ten chapters, each of them consisting or two major parts – theory and practice. At the beginning of each chapter you are led to realize what you already know about the topic from your previous studies of English.

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